Imagine the French Revolution without the three-colour rosette.

Imagine a country without a national emblem.

Imagine your company, your product without a logo.

Remember that if a thing does not have a name, it does not exist in human consciousness, just like a product without a brand.



Think of your website as of a window through which people look at you and evaluate your work. Think of what you want to achieve and I will create the window through which it will be best visible.

I am

I am a freelance designer. I have almost 20 years experience in image creation and development and visual communication. I originally come from Poland and for the last 10 years have lived throughout Europe in Belgium, Germany, Scandinavia and France. This diversity of cultures and the people that I have met has given me a broad outlook for my design-related projects. I consider that my experience is my greatest advantage.


I create trademarks, spatial forms and visual communication based on feelings and emotions. I use Adobe packages and Cinema4D for my designs.

Contact me for a quote if you want to increase or highlight your market presence or are searching for an appropriate phrase or advertising slogan. I am also able to offer a professional service for clients who want to revolutionise and update their visual identification or create new visual imagery from scratch.

You can purchase a full comprehensive service tailored to your current needs. Alternatively, orders for particular design modules are available.


The Hen is the most dangerous domestic bird in human history, as cruel as an ex-wife, as grim as a tax collector, as ruthless and blind as Themis, and as greedy and possessive as your dad’s twenty-three-year-old lover.
The Hen traverses our dimension with the force of a quantum demiurge, spreading fear with the creations of her completely uninhibited mind. Where she stands, she does – and you never know where she will stand and what she will do.
The Hen: the mother of fear, the sister of pain, the father of Voldemort (his real father)

There will come a time, when the Hen shall rise and enslave humankind. Sooner or later, our civilisation will succumb under the weight of feathers and fall to the accompaniment of coughs ripping the lungs of asthmatics. And even the holy GSK will not save us.
But before that time comes, we will be watching the Hen’s doings, we will record her every cluck and translate it to a language understood by humans.
We shall build our Resistance quietly and calmly, in order to survive.
So it shall be, but for now we feel a bit peckish and a chicken burger sounds particularly good.


I have got a hobby, I like to sculpt in numbers, If you want, I can sculpt something for you, For example, a syringe with a deadly virus,

Or the bathroom of your dreams,

No? Well, maybe a vase or a watch?

Or whatever you want!